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2022 Virtual Special Meeting of Shareholders

Guidelines for Shareholders Registered and Confirmed to Attend Meeting

  • Only shareholders on record as of Friday 18 November 2022, will receive an email with the login link to attend the 2022 Virtual Special Meeting of Shareholders of Trinidad and Tobago NGL Limited (“TTNGL”).
  • If you are not a shareholder on record as of 18 November 2022, you will not be contacted by TTNGL.
  • Validation of your online submission for registration may take between one to two business days, so please register early. On completion of the validation process, you will receive an invitation email with the attendance details.
  • If you do not see the invitation email in your primary email inbox, please search the spam/junk folder or other folders generated by your email provider. For example, the “Updates” folder in Gmail.
  • Download the Zoom app and log in as voting can only be done via the Zoom app. Please be advised that the use of the Zoom app requires either a working smartphone/ tablet/laptop/desktop with enough space for installation and an internet connection.
  • Update the Zoom app if previously downloaded.
  • We recommend the use of a high-speed internet connection and a fully charged device, especially if using a mobile. If on a WIFI network, limit the amount of video streaming from other devices.
  • TTNGL is NOT responsible for the reliability of shareholders’ devices or internet connection speed.
  • For security reasons, the following should be noted:
    • The Zoom account to be used MUST have been created with the same email used for your registration.
    • You will NOT be able to view the meeting on more than one device at a time.
      • If switching devices, you will need to log out of the current device first.
      • The invitation link you will receive, will only work on one device – tablet; phone; laptop; desktop – at a time, so please do not share this link.
  • To join the meeting on the day of the event, simply click on the blue text ‘Click Here to Join’ from your email invitation.
  • If a pop-up appears on your device asking you to open the link in the Zoom app, select “Allow”.
  • As an attendee to this meeting, you will NOT be able to unmute your microphone or turn on your camera. You will NOT be able to see or message other attendees. You will have the ability to see and hear members of the TTNGL panel at the meeting, as well as any presentations made at the meeting. You will be able to vote on the resolutions put before the meeting, and you will be able to post your questions on the resolutions, for the TTNGL panel’s response. You will have an opportunity to ask questions when prompted by the moderator of the meeting, by text only, via the Q&A section of the Zoom app.
  • You may be requested to select “Close” within the Zoom app to return to the meeting after asking a question.
  • Do not use the “Hands Up” feature for this meeting. It will not be acknowledged.
  • When it is time to vote on Resolutions, you will be guided by the moderator to select your preferred option of “For” or “Against” within the Zoom app for each Resolution.
  • Please select carefully as you cannot change your vote or vote more than once when your vote is sent. Remember, download the Zoom app and log in as voting can only be done via the Zoom app.

Click Here to access the online registration form.