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2023 Annual Meeting

Ordinary Business

  1. To receive the Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2022.
  2. To re-elect Directors.
  3. To transact any other business which may be properly brought before the Meeting.


  1. Only shareholders on record at the close of business on 20 September 2023, the date fixed by the Directors as the record date, are entitled to receive notice of the Annual Meeting.
  2. A Shareholder entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting may appoint one or more proxies to attend and, in the case of a poll, vote instead for him. A proxy need not be a shareholder of the company.
  3. A shareholder which is a body corporate may in lieu of appointing a proxy authorize an individual by resolution of its Directors or its governing body to represent it at the Meeting.
  4. All documents relating to the Annual Meeting can be accessed through TTNGL’s website:
  5. If a shareholder prefers to receive a hard copy of the 2022 Annual Report or have questions about the Meeting, please email at