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T&T’s Energy Sector

Trinidad and Tobago has a thriving energy sector. Some notable facts:

  • Trinidad and Tobago is one of the oldest hydrocarbon producers in the world. As a country, we have been involved in the oil business since 1908 and celebrated the 100th anniversary of our first commercial oil exports in 2011.
  • Trinidad and Tobago remains a major natural gas production location, with gas production of just over 3.3 Bn standard cubic feet (scf) per day over the last 5 years.
  • Trinidad and Tobago is the seventh largest global producer of LNG, with sales of 17 billion cubic metres accounting for 3.5% of global exports in 2019. Of this total, 24.9% was shipped to the USA, with a further 15.9% and 5.6% exported to Spain and China, respectively.
  • Trinidad and Tobago is a major petrochemical hub and was the world’s major exporter of ammonia and methanol from a single country as of 2019. With closures of both ammonia and methanol capacity in 2020, this is no longer the case.
  • Trinidad and Tobago’s Atlantic LNG Train 1 facility was the lowest unit cost LNG facility ever constructed and will likely always hold that record.
  • Trinidad and Tobago has hundreds of long-established and internationally certified service companies and contractors.
  • Trinidad and Tobago is the major supplier of NGLs to the Caribbean.
  • The Trinidad and Tobago energy sector makes a significant contribution to the country’s GDP, Government revenues and foreign exchange earnings. In 2020, the energy sector accounted for an estimated 35.7% of GDP and 78.4% of exports (2019), and contributed 23.4% to Government revenue.
  • The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) is responsible for monitoring, controlling, and regulating the energy and mineral sectors of Trinidad and Tobago. The MEEI is responsible for the overall management of the oil, gas and minerals sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. These sectors are the largest contributors to the country’s GDP and the revenues generated provide resources for the operations and future development of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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